Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Iowa Summer Music Camps have been canceled for Summer 2021.
We plan to be back in 2022!

Please see the listing of TENTATIVE camps and dates for June 2022. 

Play. Grow. Connect.

Through Music

Voxman Music Building

All school musicians who have completed the seventh grade and above may apply for admission as either resident or commuter campers. 

To apply, click on the "Application" button above, and complete the on-line application. If you have any questions, please contact the ISMC Office at 319-335-1635 or toll free at 1-800-553-IOWA, extension 5-1635. The ISMC Office FAX number is 319-353-2555 and the Iowa Summer Music Camps e-mail address is kathleen-ford@uiowa.edu.

All students are required to attend all rehearsals, activities and concerts. Some sessions may close prior to the application deadline date because of limited capacity.

The Iowa Summer Music Camps (ISMC) offers students musical training and experience beyond what may be available in their home schools, including group instruction, master classes, and classroom instruction in many phases of instrumental music. The entire program, together with a preview of life on a major university campus, is a valuable experience for young people, not only in music but also in human relations.

This summer, the Iowa Summer Music Camps will offer educational experiences in Percussion, Jazz, Piano, Clarinet, Viola, Trumpet, Saxophone, and Organ.  The faculty for all camps are University of Iowa School of Music faculty and nationally-recognized guest artists.


SESSION ONE: JUNE 12-17, 2022 (Tentative)



Immerse yourself in five days of interactive clinics, masterclasses, and rehearsals led by internationally-recognized performers and educators Ginny Armstrong, Mat Britain, and others. Sessions will focus on a range of percussion disciplines such as snare drum, mallets, concert percussion, improvisation, multi-percussion, world percussion, and steel band.


Our jazz camp gives students opportunities to interact and perform with professional jazz musicians throughout a week of music-making in small group/combo settings. Areas of study will include jazz improvisation, jazz theory, basic arranging skills, and the art of jazz listening.  Camp activities include rehearsals, masterclasses, classes, as well as recreation and entertainment programs. Camp concerts and recitals are free and open to the public.

SESSION TWO: JUNE 19-24, 2022 (Tentative)


Jorge Montilla, featured clinician and camp coordinator

Students enrolled in this summer camp will improve their overall clarinet playing. This intense but fun camp will include warm up sessions, group lessons, one-on-one lessons, basic /intermediate/advanced technique, clinics about clarinet related subjects, clarinet choir rehearsals, small clarinet ensembles, equipment, reed preparation, and students/faculty concerts.

Alan Huckleberry, featured clinician and camp coordinator

Campers will be exposed to a wide variety of piano-related topics in a focused, serious, but non-competitive atmosphere. They will receive daily piano lessons with UI faculty.  For the lessons, students should bring 2-3 pieces (with scores) at the difficulty of least the equivalent of level “D” (according to the IMTA syllabus).  Of these pieces, at least one should be performance ready (memorized).  Students will be required to practice 2 hours per day on our Steinway grand pianos. Further highlights of the camp include classes in music theory,piano literature, sight-reading, and music technology.  Special events will include faculty and student recitals.

Christine Rutledge, featured clinician and camp coordinator

The University of Iowa Summer Viola Camp is designed to give students an intensive and fun experience on the beautiful UI campus. Students will participate in technique master classes, performance classes, viola ensembles, and private lessons with Christine Rutledge, Professor of Viola at UI. All students will receive a unique experience that will offer them opportunities to grow as violists and musicians. Viola power!

Amy Schendel, featured clinician and camp coordinator

During the week long trumpet camp, students will have the opportunity to develop their skills on trumpet through a daily warm-up session, one on one lessons, clinics highlighting improvement on fundamental skills as well as other trumpet related topics, masterclasses, and trumpet ensemble.  Trumpet ensemble rehearsals will help strengthen ensemble skills and culminate in a final performance with UI trumpet faculty.

Kenneth Tse, featured clinician and camp coordinator

Designed for intermediate through advanced high school students with a maximum number of 12 saxophonists. This camp includes master classes, group warm-up sessions, reed classes, quartet coaching, student concert, and saxophone ensemble! This course is geared toward students who plan to pursue a college degree in saxophone performance or music education.  Existing quartets and international students are encouraged to apply.  For master class performances, students should bring at least 2 prepared pieces (with scores).   Students will be required to practice at least 2 hours each day.

Enrollment in this camp is limited to 12 students, and the participants will be selected through a pre-screening process.

Requirements for the pre-screening recording:

  • Time limit: no less than 6 minutes, no longer than 15 minutes
  • Repertoire: 2 contrasting excerpts of classical pieces (lyrical and fast).  Use of an accompanist in recording is desirable but not required.
  • Judging criteria: tone quality, musicianship, overall control, consistency and fluency.
  • You may send audio (mp3) or video (mp4) to kenneth-tse@uiowa.edu.  Online player is preferred.

Please send material at your earliest convenience.  Once the recording is received and reviewed, a reply will be sent shortly.

Students who pass the pre-screening and are accepted for the camp will be provided a link to a separate registration form by Dr. Tse.

IMPORTANT: Students should not submit payment for Saxophone Camp using the online registration form that is used for the other camps. Students that are accepted into the camp by Dr. Tse will be sent a link for the Saxophone Camp which can be used for registration and payment.

Greg Hand, featured clinician and coordinator

Students enrolled in Organ Camp will learn the basics of good organ technique, how the organ works, and effective ways to play musically.  There will be opportunities for one-on-one lessons, group lessons, workshops on pedal and manual technique, and student/faculty concerts. Special instruction will be available for advanced students, intermediate students and students new to the organ.  Students should bring any organ music they’re working on (music will be provided for those new to the organ).  Organ shoes are required and should be similar to the ones found at https://www.organmastershoes.com/. Please click here for information about Organ Camp scholarships.

To register, use the online ISMC application form and credit card payment option on the Application page.

Dr. Richard Mark Heidel, Director