Below you will find links to information pertaining to the Iowa Summer Music Camps. Please use the information from 2023 as a reference until the items for 2024 have been posted.


WEEK ONE - Jazz, Piano, Saxophone, Voice 

Monday, June 17 - Movie Night (7:00PM, VOX Recital Hall - ISMC Campers only)

Tuesday, June 18 - Jazz Camp Faculty Concert (7:00PM,VOX Recital Hall)

Wednesday, June 19 - Piano, Voice, and Saxophone Camps Faculty Recital 
(7:00PM, VOX Recital Hall)

Thursday, June 20 - Campus Recreation and Wellness Center (Campers Only)

Friday, June 21 - Camp Concerts
Saxophone (5:00PM, VOX Concert Hall)
Jazz (5:00PM, VOX Recital Hall)
Voice (5:00PM, VOX Stark Opera Studio)
Piano (7:00PM, VOX Recital Hall)

WEEK TWO - Bassoon, Clarinet, Flute, Horn, Oboe, Organ, Trumpet, Percussion

Monday, June 24 - Movie Night (VOX Recital Hall)

Tuesday, June 25 - Campus Recreation and Wellness Center (Campers only)

Wednesday, June 26 - Bassoon, Clarinet, Flute, Oboe, Horn, Trumpet, and Organ Camps Faculty Recital (7:00PM, VOX Concert Hall)

Thursday, June 27 - Percussion All-Stars Faculty Recital (7:00PM, VOX Concert Hall)

Friday, June 28 - Camp Recitals
Clarinet Camp (5:00PM, VOX Recital Hall)
Percussion Immersion Camp (5:00PM, VOX Concert Hall)
Flute Camp (5:00PM, Organ Recital Hall)
Bassoon & Oboe Camps (5:00PM, VOX Stark Opera Studio)
Trumpet (7:00PM, VOX Recital Hall)
Organ Camp (7:00PM VOX Concert Hall)