Below you will find links to information pertaining to the Iowa Summer Music Camps. Please use the information from 2022 as a reference until the 2023 information has been posted, which will be later in the spring.


WEEK ONE - Percussion, Jazz, Horn, Voice 

Monday, June 12 - Movie Night (7:00PM, VOX Recital Hall - ISMC Campers only)

Tuesday, June 13 - Jazz Camp Faculty Concert (7:30PM, Poindexter's Coffee Cafe, The Graduate Hotel, Ped Mall, Iowa City)

Wednesday, June 14 - Horn and Voice Camp Faculty Recital (7:00PM, VOX Recital Hall)

Thursday, June 15 - Percussion Camp Faculty All-Stars Concert (7:00PM, VOX Concert Hall)

Friday, June 16 - Camp Concerts
Percussion (5:00PM, VOX Concert Hall)
Jazz (5:00PM, VOX Recital Hall)
Horn (7:00PM, VOX Recital Hall)
Voice (5:00PM, VOX Stark Opera Studio)


WEEK TWO - Piano, Organ, Clarinet, Double Reeds, Saxophone 

Monday, June 19 - Movie Night (VOX Recital Hall)

Tuesday, June 20 - Campus Recreation and Wellness Center 

Wednesday, June 21 - Piano and Organ Camp Faculty Recital (7:00PM, VOX Concert Hall)

Thursday, June 22 - Clarinet, Double Reed, and Saxophone Camp Faculty Recital (7:00PM, VOX Recital Hall)

Friday, June 23 - Camp Recitals
Clarinet Camp (5:00PM, VOX Recital Hall)
Saxophone Camp (5:00PM, VOX Concert Hall)
Piano Camp (7:00PM, VOX Recital Hall)
Organ Camp (7:00PM VOX Concert Hall)
Double Reed Camp (5:00PM, VOX Stark Opera Studio)